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Press release

Camping to the power of two:

SpaceCamper puts its idea of a universal vehicle, suitable for everyday use, leisure and holidays, on two wheels. The SpaceCamper Bike, based on the Riese&Müller Load e-bike, offers a bed, a table and a roof over your head. It is made for digital nomads, leisure-hungry city dwellers, bike travellers and all other people in search of the right work-life balance.

Ben Wawra, co-founder and CEO of SpaceCamper, likes to think outside the box. As probably the only CEO of a recreational vehicle manufacturer, he uses his own product not just occasionally, but every day. Ben Wawra lives in his bus, but also uses it as a mobile office and transport vehicle for his sports equipment. The SpaceCamper slogan „We live it“ is therefore not an empty phrase, but a commitment to their own product portfolio.

This portfolio is now getting a new addition on two wheels. After all, Ben Wawra loves not only his bus, but also the bicycle. He is not the only one in his team. There are many enthusiastic bikers at SpaceCamper, above all Markus Riese, who is also the co-founder and owner of the e-bike manufacturer Riese&Müller. So it’s no surprise that this idea found open ears within the team – and with the Load e-bike from Riese&Müller, also the suitable base vehicle.

The development team led by engineers Ben Wawra and Valentin Gondolph spent a year working on turning the tried-and-tested cargo bike into a real SpaceCamper. Its concept includes being functional in everyday work and family life, but at the same time offering fun for camping weekends and adventure holidays. According to the Darmstadt-based company, what is needed first and foremost is storage space, a bed, a table and a roof over one’s head. Storage space is not a problem per se with a cargo bike. A partially lockable luggage compartment remains even if you take your school-aged child along on the „travelling recliner“.

A real highlight is the variable reclining surface on the bike, which can be used as a relaxing couch for a short break or as a bed for the night. A charming solution for people who like to go camping but don’t want to roll out their sleeping mat on uneven or even wet ground. For working or eating, a tabletop is mounted over the folded-down handlebar. To keep oneself from getting wet while sleeping or working, a tent is included; experienced campers and bike packers refer to this as a tarp. This tarp and its poles are mounted directly on the bike – without pegs or tension ropes – and do not rest on the ground. This drastically reduces the time needed, and with a little practice, you can set up and take down the tent in about five minutes. That way, you’ll never have to pack a wet sleeping mat or even sleeping bag again.

The basic Load vehicle is a sophisticated electric cargo bike that has been in the Riese&Müller range for ten years and has been continuously improved ever since – after all, for inventor and designer Markus Riese, it replaces the city car. The Load has full suspension and, with the optional mountain bike tyres, can also be ridden off paved roads. It is powered by a high-torque Bosch mid-motor that draws its power from an optional 1000 Wh dual battery. For mountain tours, the electronically controllable Rohloff 14-speed hub is recommended, which is driven by the motor via a clean and low-maintenance toothed belt drive. The Supernova headlight has a switchable high beam. A brake light and optional ABS provide additional safety. In everyday life, the SpaceCamper Bike is a spacious cargo bike that you can use to take your child to school or to do the shopping. At the same time, it offers the opportunity for a spontaneous break in the great outdoors, focused work outside the office or even an extended bike trip.